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Welcome to "Målselv Snow Festival"

The purpose of the "Målselv Snow Festival" is to give people the opportunity to celebrate a wide range of winter activities, and enjoy them.

Målselv Snow Festival offers:
Open Norwegian Championship in Snowsculpting/Icesculpting first week in December and "Animal Days" in February/March.

Courses/instruction in snow-/icesculpting and suitable arrangements for groups.
Building snow and ice sculptures and designing snow and ice logos.

Open Norwegian Championship in Snow and Ice The Open Norwegian Championship in Snow sculpting / Ice sculpting at Rundhaug in Målselv, takes place the first week in December.
The championship coincides with the "Rundhaugmartna'n", which is an outdoor market focusing on traditions, culture and the polar night. The championship is supposed to show the remarkable possibilities and qualities of the snow and ice as a material of sculpting.
The competition is supposed to be for both professionals and amateurs.

Welcome to participate !!